Season Champion 2nd place 3rd place Top goalscorer
All Leagues
2019-20     Liverpool FC     Manchester City FC     Manchester United FC     Jamie Vardy    (Leicester City) (23)
2018-19     Manchester City FC     Liverpool FC     Chelsea FC     Mohamed Salah    (Liverpool),Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang    (Arsenal),Sadio Mane    (Liverpool) (22)
2017-18     Manchester City FC     Manchester United FC     Tottenham Hotspur     Mohamed Salah     (Liverpool FC) (32)
2016-17     Chelsea FC     Tottenham Hotspur     Manchester City FC     Harry Kane    (Tottenham Hotspur) (29)
2015-16     Leicester City     Arsenal FC     Tottenham Hotspur     Harry Kane    (Tottenham Hotspur) (25)
2014-15     Chelsea FC     Manchester City FC     Arsenal FC     Sergio Aguero    (Manchester City FC) (26)
2013-14     Manchester City FC     Liverpool FC     Chelsea FC     Luis Suarez     (Liverpool FC) (31)
2012-13     Manchester United FC     Manchester City FC     Chelsea FC     Robin van Persie    (Manchester United FC) (26)
2011-12     Manchester City FC     Manchester United FC     Arsenal FC     Robin van Persie    (Arsenal FC) (30)
2010-11     Manchester United FC     Chelsea FC     Manchester City FC     Dimitar Berbatov    (Manchester United FC), Carlos Tevez    (Manchester City FC) (20)
2009-10     Chelsea FC     Manchester United FC     Arsenal FC     Didier Drogba    (Chelsea FC) (29)
2008-09     Manchester United FC     Liverpool FC     Chelsea FC     Nicolas Anelka    (Chelsea FC) (19)
2007-08     Manchester United FC     Chelsea FC     Arsenal FC     Cristiano Ronaldo    (Manchester United FC) (31)
200607     Manchester United FC     Chelsea FC     Liverpool FC     Didier Drogba    (Chelsea FC) (20)
2005-06     Chelsea FC     Manchester United FC     Liverpool FC     Thierry Henry    (Arsenal FC) (27)
2004-05     Chelsea FC     Arsenal FC     Manchester United FC     Thierry Henry    (Arsenal FC) (25)
2003-04     Arsenal FC     Chelsea FC     Manchester United FC     Thierry Henry    (Arsenal FC) (30)
2002-03     Manchester United FC     Arsenal FC     Newcastle United FC     Ruud van Nistelrooy    (Manchester United FC) (25)
2001-02     Arsenal FC     Liverpool FC     Manchester United FC     Thierry Henry    (Arsenal FC) (24)
2000-01     Manchester United FC     Arsenal FC     Liverpool FC     Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink    (Chelsea FC) (23)
1999-00     Manchester United FC     Arsenal FC     Leeds United     Kevin Phillips    (Sunderland) (30)
1998-99     Manchester United FC     Arsenal FC     Chelsea FC     Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink    (Leeds United),Michael Owen    (Liverpool FC),Dwight Yorke    (Manchester United FC) (18)
1997-98     Arsenal FC     Manchester United FC     Liverpool FC     Chris Sutton    (Blackburn Rovers),Dion Dublin(Coventry City),Michael Owen    (Liverpool FC) (18)
1996-97     Manchester United FC     Newcastle United FC     Arsenal FC     Alan Shearer    (Newcastle United FC) (25)
1995-96     Manchester United FC     Newcastle United FC     Liverpool FC     Alan Shearer    (Blackburn Rovers) (31)
1994-95     Blackburn Rovers     Manchester United FC     Nottingham Forest     Alan Shearer    (Blackburn Rovers) (34)
1993-94     Manchester United FC     Blackburn Rovers     Newcastle United FC     Andy Cole    (Newcastle United FC) (34)
1992-93     Manchester United FC     Aston Villa     Norwich City     Teddy Sheringham    (Nottingham Forest/    Tottenham Hotspur) (22)
1991-92     Leeds United     Manchester United FC Sheffield Wednesday     Ian Wright    (Crystal Palace/Arsenal FC) (29)
1990-91     Arsenal FC     Liverpool FC Crystal Palace     Alan Smith    (Arsenal FC) (22)
1989-90     Liverpool FC     Aston Villa     Tottenham Hotspur     Gary Lineker    (Tottenham Hotspur) (24)
1988-89     Arsenal FC     Liverpool FC     Nottingham Forest     Alan Smith    (Arsenal FC) (23)
1987-88     Liverpool FC     Manchester United FC     Nottingham Forest     John Aldridge    (Liverpool FC) (26)
1986-87     Everton FC     Liverpool FC     Tottenham Hotspur     Clive Allen    (Tottenham Hotspur) (33)
1985-86     Liverpool FC     Everton FC West Ham United     Gary Lineker    (Everton FC) (30)
1984-85     Everton FC     Liverpool FC     Tottenham Hotspur     Kerry Dixon    (Chelsea FC),Gary Lineker(    Leicester City) (24)
1983-84     Liverpool FC Southampton     Nottingham Forest     Ian Rush    (Liverpool FC) (32)
1982-83     Liverpool FC Watford     Manchester United FC     Luther Blissett(Watford) (27)
1981-82     Liverpool FC Ipswich Town     Manchester United FC     Kevin Keegan(Southampton) (26)
1980-81     Aston Villa Ipswich Town     Arsenal FC     Peter Withe    (Aston Villa),Steve Archibald    (Tottenham Hotspur) (20)
1979-80     Liverpool FC     Manchester United FC Ipswich Town     Phil Boyer(Southampton) (23)
1978-79     Liverpool FC     Nottingham Forest West Bromwich Albion     Frank Worthington(Bolton Wanderers) (24)
1977-78     Nottingham Forest     Liverpool FC     Everton FC     Bob Latchford    (Everton FC) (30)
1976-77     Liverpool FC     Manchester City FC Ipswich Town     Malcolm Macdonald    (Arsenal FC),Andy Gray    (Aston Villa) (25)
1975-76     Liverpool FC Queens Park Rangers     Manchester United FC     Ted MacDougall    (Norwich City) (23)
1974-75 Derby County     Liverpool FC Ipswich Town     Malcolm Macdonald    (Newcastle United FC) (21)
1973-74     Leeds United     Liverpool FC Derby County     Mick Channon(Southampton) (21)
1972-73     Liverpool FC     Arsenal FC     Leeds United     Bryan Robson(West Ham United) (28)
1971-72 Derby County     Leeds United     Liverpool FC     Francis Lee    (Manchester City FC) (33)
1970-71     Arsenal FC     Leeds United     Tottenham Hotspur     Tony Brown(West Bromwich Albion) (28)
1969-70     Everton FC     Leeds United     Chelsea FC     Jeff Astle(West Bromwich Albion) (25)
1968-69     Leeds United     Liverpool FC     Everton FC     Jimmy Greaves    (Tottenham Hotspur) (27)
1967-68     Manchester City FC     Manchester United FC     Liverpool FC     George Best    (Manchester United FC),Ron Davies(Southampton) (28)
1966-67     Manchester United FC     Nottingham Forest     Tottenham Hotspur     Ron Davies(Southampton) (37)
1965-66     Liverpool FC     Leeds United     Burnley     Willie Irvine    (Burnley) (29)
1964-65     Manchester United FC     Leeds United     Chelsea FC     Andy McEvoy    (Blackburn Rovers),Jimmy Greaves    (Tottenham Hotspur) (29)
1963-64     Liverpool FC     Manchester United FC     Everton FC     Jimmy Greaves    (Tottenham Hotspur) (35)
1962-63     Everton FC     Tottenham Hotspur     Burnley     Jimmy Greaves    (Tottenham Hotspur) (37)
1961-62 Ipswich Town     Burnley     Tottenham Hotspur     Ray Crawford(Ipswich Town),Derek Kevan(West Bromwich Albion) (33)
1960-61     Tottenham Hotspur Sheffield Wednesday     Wolverhampton Wanderers     Jimmy Greaves    (Chelsea FC) (41)
1959-60     Burnley     Wolverhampton Wanderers     Tottenham Hotspur     Dennis Viollet    (Manchester United FC) (32)
1958-59     Wolverhampton Wanderers     Manchester United FC     Arsenal FC     Jimmy Greaves    (Chelsea FC) (33)
1957-58     Wolverhampton Wanderers Preston North End     Tottenham Hotspur     Bobby Smith    (Tottenham Hotspur) (36)
1956-57     Manchester United FC     Tottenham Hotspur Preston North End     John Charles    (Leeds United) (38)
1955-56     Manchester United FC Blackpool     Wolverhampton Wanderers     Nat Lofthouse(Bolton Wanderers) (33)
1954-55     Chelsea FC     Wolverhampton Wanderers Portsmouth     Ronnie Allen(West Bromwich Albion) (27)
1953-54     Wolverhampton Wanderers West Bromwich Albion     Huddersfield Town     Jimmy Glazzard    (Huddersfield Town) (29)
1952-53     Arsenal FC Preston North End     Wolverhampton Wanderers     Charlie Wayman(Preston North End) (24)
1951-52     Manchester United FC     Tottenham Hotspur     Arsenal FC     George Robledo    (Newcastle United FC) (33)
1950-51     Tottenham Hotspur     Manchester United FC Blackpool     Stan Mortensen(Blackpool) (30)
1949-50 Portsmouth     Wolverhampton Wanderers     Sunderland     Dickie Davis    (Sunderland) (25)
1948-49 Portsmouth     Manchester United FC Derby County     Willie Moir(Bolton Wanderers) (25)
1947-48     Arsenal FC     Manchester United FC     Burnley     Ronnie Rooke    (Arsenal FC) (33)
1946-47     Liverpool FC     Manchester United FC     Wolverhampton Wanderers     Dennis Westcott    (Wolverhampton Wanderers) (37)
1940-46 - - -     -
1938-39     Everton FC     Wolverhampton Wanderers Charlton Athletic     Tommy Lawton    (Everton FC) (35)
1937-38     Arsenal FC     Wolverhampton Wanderers Preston North End     Tommy Lawton    (Everton FC) (28)
1936-37     Manchester City FC Charlton Athletic     Arsenal FC     Freddie Steel(Stoke City) (33)
1935-36     Sunderland Derby County     Huddersfield Town     W. G. Richardson(West Bromwich Albion) (39)
1934-35     Arsenal FC     Sunderland Sheffield Wednesday     Ted Drake    (Arsenal FC) (42)
1933-34     Arsenal FC     Huddersfield Town     Tottenham Hotspur     Jack Bowers(Derby County) (34)
1932-33     Arsenal FC     Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday     Jack Bowers(Derby County) (35)
1931-32     Everton FC     Arsenal FC Sheffield Wednesday     Dixie Dean    (Everton FC) (44)
1930-31     Arsenal FC     Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday     Tom Waring    (Aston Villa) (49)
1929-30 Sheffield Wednesday Derby County     Manchester City FC     Vic Watson(West Ham United) (41)
1928-29 The Wednesday     Leicester City     Aston Villa     Dave Halliday    (Sunderland) (43)
1927-28     Everton FC     Huddersfield Town     Leicester City     Dixie Dean    (Everton FC) (60)
1926-27     Newcastle United FC     Huddersfield Town     Sunderland     Jimmy Trotter(The Wednesday) (37)
1925-26     Huddersfield Town     Arsenal FC     Sunderland     Ted Harper    (Blackburn Rovers) (43)
1924-25     Huddersfield Town West Bromwich Albion Bolton Wanderers     Frank Roberts    (Manchester City FC) (31)
1923-24     Huddersfield Town Cardiff City     Sunderland     Wilf Chadwick    (Everton FC) (28)
1922-23     Liverpool FC     Sunderland     Huddersfield Town     Charlie Buchan    (Sunderland) (30)
1921-22     Liverpool FC     Tottenham Hotspur     Burnley     Andy Wilson(Middlesbrough) (31)
1920-21     Burnley     Manchester City FC Bolton Wanderers     Joe Smith(Bolton Wanderers) (38)
191920 West Bromwich Albion     Burnley     Chelsea FC     Fred Morris(West Bromwich Albion) (37)
1916-19 - - -     -
1914-15     Everton FC Oldham Athletic     Blackburn Rovers     Bobby Parker    (Everton FC) (35)
1913-14     Blackburn Rovers     Aston Villa Middlesbrough     George Elliot(Middlesbrough) (32)
1912-13     Sunderland     Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday     David McLean(The Wednesday) (30)
1911-12     Blackburn Rovers     Everton FC     Newcastle United FC     Harry Hampton    (Aston Villa),George Holley    (Sunderland) es David McLean (The Wednesday) (25)
1910-11     Manchester United FC     Aston Villa     Sunderland     Albert Shepherd    (Newcastle United FC) (25)
1909-10     Aston Villa     Liverpool FC     Blackburn Rovers     Jack Parkinson    (Liverpool FC) (30)
1908-09     Newcastle United FC     Everton FC     Sunderland     Bert Freeman    (Everton FC) (38)
1907-08     Manchester United FC     Aston Villa     Manchester City FC     Enoch West    (Nottingham Forest) (27)
1906-07     Newcastle United FC Bristol City     Everton FC     Alex Young    (Everton FC) (30)
1905-06     Liverpool FC Preston North End Sheffield Wednesday     Albert Shepherd(Bolton Wanderers) (26)
1904-05     Newcastle United FC     Everton FC     Manchester City FC     Arthur Brown(Sheffield United) (22)
1903-04 The Wednesday     Manchester City FC     Everton FC     Steve Bloomer(Derby County) (20)
1902-03 The Wednesday     Aston Villa     Sunderland     Sam Raybould    (Liverpool FC) (31)
1901-02     Sunderland     Everton FC     Newcastle United FC     Jimmy Settle    (Everton FC) (18)
1900-01     Liverpool FC     Sunderland Notts County     Steve Bloomer(Derby County) (23)
1899-00     Aston Villa Sheffield United     Sunderland     Billy Garraty    (Aston Villa) (27)
1898-99     Aston Villa     Liverpool FC     Burnley     Steve Bloomer(Derby County) (23)
1897-98 Sheffield United     Sunderland     Wolverhampton Wanderers     Fred Wheldon    (Aston Villa) (21)
1896-97     Aston Villa Sheffield United Derby County     Steve Bloomer(Derby County) (22)
1895-96     Aston Villa Derby County     Everton FC     Johnny Campbell    (Aston Villa),Steve Bloomer(Derby County) (20)
1894-95     Sunderland     Everton FC     Aston Villa     John Campbell    (Sunderland) (22)
1893-94     Aston Villa     Sunderland Derby County     Jack Southworth    (Everton FC) (27)
1892-93     Sunderland Preston North End     Everton FC     John Campbell    (Sunderland) (31)
1891-92     Sunderland Preston North End Bolton Wanderers     John Campbell    (Sunderland) (32)
1890-91     Everton FC Preston North End Notts County     Jack Southworth    (Blackburn Rovers) (26)
1889-90 Preston North End     Everton FC     Blackburn Rovers     Jimmy Ross(Preston North End) (24)
1888-89 Preston North End     Aston Villa     Wolverhampton Wanderers     John Goodall(Preston North End) (21 gol)